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Visioning affordable housing...

St Joseph's College Echuca took part in our affordable housing project last week. We saw some really amazing designs from the students who really thought about what they wanted to see included in the future designs of homes. Some students commenting:

Bailey Marsh

I learnt that it is not just homeless people that are struggling with affordable housing, it can be pensioners, young families and many other different age groups in our country'.

Olivia Hansen

I believe my personal values and principles played a huge role in my willingness to participate in this project. Knowing I have the ability to make small differences just by brainstorming ideas on how we can resolve this issue. Everyone deserves to have an affordable house that they can call home.

Alaina Edgar

I learnt that the affordable living issue is bigger than we thought, many people don't have access to affordable houses.

Breah Fitzallen

I learnt that issues surrounding affordable housing for people who are moving out of home or elderly single people is rising at alarming rates and that there needs to be a solution for affordable housing in Echuca Moama as costs of living rise.

It was wonderful to be able to connect to our young people and give them an opportunity to think about such an important challenge that our nation is facing. This challenge needs to be discussed so we can all work together as a community to ensure we plan for the future and make our community a great place to live, work and play for all our residents.

Written by Deanne Armstrong

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