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C4EM seeks new CEO as Deanne Armstrong resigns

Dean Oberin, Chair of C4EM, announced on Friday that Deanne Armstrong has resigned from her position as CEO. Deanne will continue in the role until February 3rd and support the search for a new CEO.

Mr Oberin said Deanne has been C4EM’s CEO for close to two and a half years.

“During this challenging time, we have

navigated COVID and floods in our community where Deanne has been instrumental in helping the organisation define and rebrand, further strengthening community connections and refocus on its strategic direction and priority initiatives for our future,” he said.

“With a revived strong foundation in place, a refreshed new look specifically around projects, and a strong growing membership base, now is the right time for C4EM to find a new CEO who has the necessary skill-set to take the organisation through its next stage of growth and activity.

“We have achieved a lot during Deanne’s time as CEO and we now have a clearer refreshed path for the future,” Mr Oberin said.

“In particular, we have revised our inaugural Strategic Plan which identified the key issues that are important to our communities and businesses. We have now revised all our policies and introduced working groups to help drive our vision and projects for our future growth. We have also strengthened our membership base which is so important for our organisation and has created stronger relationships with businesses and community.

“This provides a sound, future focused basis to facilitate effective advocacy for our communities’ future needs. With these ‘building blocks’ in place, including a clearly defined strategic direction and set of priorities, C4EM is in a great position for someone to build on Deanne’s legacy.”

C4EM board and members wish Deanne well in her future pursuits and thank her for her efforts over her years as CEO. She was influential in developing an efficient operational organisation with clear vison and high-level engagement with local government, agencies, members and wider communities.

For further details on the CEO position, visit SEEK ad.

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