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prosperity plan

The Plan was launched on the 15th July 2021 and has a vision to build a thriving First Nations economy that will generate new income, opportunities and shared prosperity for the benefit of everyone in the region. Both the First Nations and the broader regional communities have guided this new, nation-leading approach, which was designed from the ground up: in the region, by the region, for the region. We take a new and positive investment-based approach for generating and sharing prosperity and value. By achieving parity between First Nations and the broader non-Indigenous people, productivity increases, costs reduce and everyone in the region benefits.  This new investment-based approach to First Nations parity will deliver a measurable economic return on investment to the region, which Deloitte Access Economics calculated at $150 million per annum when fully implemented over 15 years. First Nations economic inclusion will also create social and cultural value for everyone in the region. Committee for Echuca Moama have signed an agreement to become a Champion for this project and work with Kaiela Institute to deliver this project.

To learn more about this plan click here.

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