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Our C4EM journey began in July 2011 after a group of like-minded local spokespeople started a working group to help bring the younger generation through as leaders in the community. The working group's purpose was to understand the framework that C4EM would operate at and who should be sitting at the table. 

C4EM joined a larger family called Committees for Cities & Regions. This family is an influential network of independent, like-minded organisations each operating within their particular city or regional area to enhance their economic, social, cultural and
environmental development. Building on the rising strength of Australia and New Zealand’s cities and regions, we work together to advance issues of significance around population growth, economic development and social cohesion.

Through the individual membership profiles of the network partners, Committees for Cities & Regions is financially underpinned by almost 700 of the most significant corporate brands in Australasia. Individually each organisation brings leaders from business and industry sectors together with community and government organisations, to identify and analyse local issues and work strategically to promote the development of their city or region as an exciting and dynamic place to live and work.

By adopting a strategic, long term focus, our organisations maintain a non-partisan position, transcending short term political cycles and therefore enabling us to think and act locally, nationally and internationally as advocates for the sustainable, responsible and dynamic development of our cities and regions.

C4EM represents our members of the wider community by being relevant. It was said "If we are relevant, we will have membership. If we are facilitating change, we have an existence. We have to advocate, we have to facilitate, we have to support, we have to stand up and say, have you followed the process and what is the vision. We have to understand the vision of the community and understand what people will invest in culturally, socially and economically. We need to have alignment with people, our stakeholders, so that our dynamic environment that we live in needs to be adaptable to what our vision is, but we still have to have our vision in play".   

Below are the members of our C4 family......


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To collaborate with all stakeholders to inspire innovative  and visionary thinking that facilitates community wellbeing and growth


A well-connected, adaptable voice advocating for investment and development in cultural, social and economic wellbeing to support a prosperous, vibrant, diverse and inclusive region 

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Echuca Moama Tourism
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